Fordiane in class 2005  pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings I cut, sand and polish sterling silver plate and wire into various designs.

To achieve more detailed designs and heavier pieces I use ”lost-wax”
casting, and silver metal clay. Metal clay consists of fine particles of
pure silver that are suspended in an organic binder, and once fired in a
kiln the binder burns away to leave a 99.9% pure silver piece.

I also use sterling silver wire of different gauges and sizes for different
components, including ear hooks and jump rings for chainmail.

All my chainmail designs utilize my own hand-wound and hand-cut jump rings
which are woven into different traditional weaves. The finished piece is
then tumbled to harden and polish the silver.

For designs incorporating semi-precious stones and glass lampwork beads the
“art” is in blending the beauty of silver with the rich colours and
textures of natural stones and the glass artistry of the lampwork bead